Showcasing Our New Cut to Length Line

For over 45 years, Feed Lease has committed itself to building high-quality, high-performance pressroom automation and coil handling equipment. We are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date press feeding equipment on the market. With that mission in mind, we wanted to highlight one of our most innovative products: our new Cut-to-Length Line.


Cut-to-Length Line

High Speed. High Performance. Our Cut-To-Length Line processes MCRS and galvanized metal coils up to 20,000 lbs. at a rate of 60 cuts/minute. We offer the best way to achieve high-quality metal processing, designed to meet your specific requirements. 



  • Coil Weight 20,000 lbs.
  • Material Types (Non-Marking) Galvanized, MCRS
  • Max. Thickness of Material (MCRS and Galvanized) .080” @ 36 in.
  • Min. Thickness of Material .015” @ 36”
  • Length Accuracy to within +/- .003”
  • Max. Feed Length 0 to 999.999 in.
  • Payoff Rate 0-200 FPM



  • R-20M-36 20,000 Lb. Pull-Off Coil Reel with Load Car
  • FLPS-3.0-36-9 Nine Roll Precision Straightener
  • Scissor Lift Thread Table
  • RF-4 x 36 Cabinet Mounted Servo Press Feed
  • High Speed Mechanical Shear - 60 Cuts/Minute


Air Drop Stacker with Roll-Out Conveyor

  • 36” x 96” Sheet Capacity
  • 10,000 Lbs. Stack Capacity
  • Motorized Adjustable Backstop
  • Motorized Side Guides
  • Hydraulic Operated StackerTable with
  • Powered Roll-Out Conveyor



To learn more about our new Cut-to-Length Line, contact us today or find the dealer closest to you!