Feed Lease Metal Forming & CYDAK do Brasil

This partnership will also promote CYDAK as the primary supplier of Feed Lease equipment in South America. CYDAK has many international partnerships with other business, and they have a strong reputation for providing exceptional products and services. Customer service and dedication to providing clients with everything they need is what CYDAK is based on.

Feed Lease and CYDAK are offering customers decades of combined industry experience paired with exceptional customer service and highly advanced technology. CYDAK employs a highly skilled technical support team, specialized technicians in all fields, including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and mechatronics. They gladly offer clients detailed answers for any questions or concerns regarding purchased equipment or service. With their recent partnership, both companies will continue to excel in their field, providing all clients with top-of-the-line metal forming products and outstanding service.

For further information please visit the CYDAK do Brasil website at www.cydak.com.br

Feed Lease Corporation is an Industry leader in providing coil handling equipment for complete systems as well as individual roll feeds, straighteners, and reels. We offer the heaviest and widest range of coil handing equipment available for the global metal forming industry today. Feed Lease Corporation services a wide variety of industries including automotive, tool and die manufactures, lighting, appliance, lawn and garden, and many others.

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