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The Feed Lease Corporation announces the release of their new Cut-to-Length line, which is a revolutionary machine in the metal forming industry for a cut to length line or blanking line.

The Feed Lease Corporation is proud to announce the unveiling of their newest Cut-To-Length system. This newest model, which is a cabinet mounted Feed Lease servo press with a hydraulic production shear. The system specifications are maximum stock width of 36”, with a maximum stock thickness of .090 mild steel of at 36” width.

The Feed Lease controller is a closed loop, self-diagnostic, brushless Servo drive system that offers a four roll entrance curve section, a four function, two button remote control, and manually adjusted, 2 ¼’’ diameter entrance vertical guides.

In addition, this servo press model model also includes a set of 4” diameter, full width, hardened, Matte Chrome finished servo press rolls. These rollers are mounted on lubricated and sealed for life spherical roller bearings. This revolutionary bearing arrangement completely eliminates the need for lubrication of the bearings.

The upper feed roll is operated by air cylinder with a solenoid valve, and the openings of the feed rolls are manipulated by a mechanically adjusted arrangement to limit roll travel. Being able to control the feed roll saves time and can be crucial in high speed applications. The upper roll is driven by a cluster gear assembly that compensates for the full mesh of gear teeth for stock thickness, and the lower feed roll is run by a servo motor that features a precision gearbox and synchronous timing belt and sprockets. Power is supplied to the upper roll through a cluster gear arrangement from the lower roll.

There are many drive features with FSP/PSF electrics included, as well as stagger length feeding for various feed progression through one complete cycle.

The CTL system has a single gate entrance threading table that is designed for support and guiding of the lead edge of the material toward the feeding equipment upon exit of the powered straightener. The seven roll powered straightener features a maximum width of stock at 36”, and a maximum thickness of stock of .090 at 36”. It has two matte chrome surfaced pinch rolls and seven 3 ½ “ diameter smooth straightening rolls.

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