Feed Lease Powered Straightening Zig-Zag Feed Line

The Feed Lease Corporation announces the release of their new Zig/Zag Feed Line system, which is another revolutionary machine in the metal forming industry.

The straightening head will pivot open for cleaning purposes. The opening of the head will be performed by 2 hydraulic cylinders located on each side. When the head is in the open position there are safety blocks that are positioned to keep it open. The operator will not be able to put the system in Automatic when opened.

System Specifications:

  • 48” Wide 40,000 lb. coil capacity
  • .250 @ 48” Wide capabilities with Zig/Zag operation


Featured Components:

  • Servo Driven Tail-Out Feed: This system eliminates end-of-the-coil scrap (that could exceed 12’ in length) and enables operators to increase productivity and part quantity per coil.
  • Zig/Zag Servo Press System: Designed for blanking out diameters, zig/zag servo press system can be programmed to perform from two to multiple out blanks, typically saving at least 8% in material costs.
  • EZZE-Clean Straightener Head: For applications using multiple materials such as aluminum and steel, the EZZE-Clean straightening head enables easy access for cleaning roller dirt and residue build-up. Opening the head also enables easy maintenance in the straightener. Cleaned rolls between materials prevent the transmission of dirt or marks to the steel.


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