Product Highlight: Servo Driven Tail Out Feeder (Pony Feed) - Servo Feed

Servo Feed | Feed Lease

With lengths up to 10’, this system eliminates end-of-the-coil scrap and enables operators to produce more parts per coil.


  • This features mounts in column of the press on exit side of primary feed, Capable of telescoping up to 42” into the die area
  • Feeder rolls have a Matte chrome finish to reduce any slippage
  • Air Raise and lower of upper feed roll
  • +-5” of pass line adjustment that is performed in unison with primary feeder
  • Material support table to support the material between the primary feed and tail out feed while in operation.
  • The telescope feature is powered driven for positioning
  • Tails out the excess coil end once it leaves the primary servo press feeder
  • Servo Driven for length control
  • Tail out speed is at a jog rate
  • Operates in FSP/PSF mode while tailing out


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