Product Highlight: EZZE-Clean Straightener Head

Feed Lease Coil Handling Equipment

The straightener head will pivot open for cleaning purposes. The opening of the head will be performed by 2 hydraulic cylinders located on each side. When the head is in the open position there are safety blocks that are positioned to keep it open. The operator will not be able to put the system in Automatic when opened.

Flip open straightener top

  • The top will open by Hydraulic cylinders
  • While the head is open, the operator can easily clean the top and bottom rollers of any buildup from previous materials
  • Safety stop block are included to hold the head open while cleaning

Optional Features – Powered Straightener

  • Powered adjustment of straightening rolls: Included
  • Position memory of straightening rolls, stored as part of the job number recipe (Powered adjustment option required): Included
  • Roll position readouts on operator screen
  • Operator platform, height and length to suit application
  • Hands free threading with hydraulic Peeler/Threader/Hold down
  • Secondary debender on entrance of straightener
  • Single Row upper and lower backup rollers for minimized roll deflection
  • Entrance Self-Centering hand crank edge guides with digital positioning readouts


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