Servo Driven Feeder Straightener

Space Saving Coil Feed Lines

25 Feet or less of space, no problem. The Feed Lease SmartSaver Series can accommodate tight floor space requirements with efficiency and productivity. They are available in coil weights from 6,000 to 60,000 lb. and widths from 12" to 72". A highly sophisticated control package communicates with the Feeder/Straightener and the Coil Reel to optimized accuracy and speed. Products can be purchased as complete systems or individual machines.

Stand Alone Feeder/Straightener Combination (Driven)


  • Accuracy within +-.005"
  • Built in widths from 12"-72"
  • All upper and lower feed rolls are gear driven for accurate feeding
  • All lower straightening rolls are gear driven with precision hardened gears
  • Pass line height adjustable +-5"
  • Color Touchscreen HMI with full programmability
  • All feed rolls and straightening rolls pilot release in unison
  • Independent adjustable straightening roll adjustment with (True tonnage) screw jacks


Stand Alone Feeder/Straightener Combination (Non Driven)



  • AC Servo driven Feeder
  • Built in width from 12” to 72”
  • Accuracy within +-.005”
  • Upper and lower Feed rolls gear driven
  • Straightening rolls non driven
  • Color Touchscreen HMI
  • All straightening rolls and feed roll pilot release in unison
  • Independent adjustable straightening rolls with (True tonnage) screw jacks


Servo Press Feeds with Pull-Thru Straighteners

Another option for feeder/straightener units is a servo press feed with a pull-thru straightener.  These systems are a great way to save space and cost.  The servo press feed is sized with a high torque servo motor and reducer to provide the power for the feed rolls to pull the material thru the break rolls of the straightener.  Feed Lease offers pull-thru straighteners for all sizes of both our EF and RF series servo press feeds.

Thumbnail image 12" wide servo press feed with pull-thru straightener on an adjustable-height cabinet. This unit also has a seven roll pull-thru straightener with manual pinch rolls for a compact solution.  This straightener has 2.25" diameter rolls; ideal for light gauge material.
Thumbnail image This servo press feed with pull-thru straightener has a larger straightener with 3" diameter rolls.  This style system is ideal for many applications ranging in the .125-.250" mcrs thickness range.  Pull-thru straighteners for thinner and thicker materials are available.

Airlift Pilot Release System
for Upper Straightener Rolls


For over 35 years, Feed Lease has employed a unique pull-thru straightener for feeder/straightener combos that require pilot release. We call it Airlift. An Airlift straightener's upper rolls pilot release momentarily, allowing the pilots to register properly. Airlift provides true pilot release without sacrificing the money and space saving benefits of using a feeder/straightener combo.

Airlift Straightener Comparison
  Conventional Pull-Through Straightener Feed Lease Exclusive Airlift Straightener
Pilot releases all upper straightener rolls No Yes
Straightener head opens quickly for coil threading No Yes
Individual slide block adjustment Yes Yes
Can be equipped with powered pinch rolls Yes Yes
Handle up to .500" thick material Yes Yes
Sized with rollers from 2.25" to 5" diameter Yes Yes