Powered Precision Straighteners

(Smart, Tough, Proven)

No matter what your specifications are, Feed Lease Corp. has a straightener to handle your requirements. Our heavy duty construction is seen as one of the most "well engineered products in the Industry" ". We offer light to medium duty straighteners, Series MPS-150, 250, 350. We also offer our Heavy Duty models, the HDPS Series, that are engineered and built for the "Tough" jobs

The increased challenges of today's "Dual Phase" and other high yield materials have allowed us to utilize our enhanced technologies in straightening applications. Feed Lease Corporation's Heavy Duty HDPS straighteners are superior to anything our competition has to offer. Our HDPS-8.00 is the premier model and can handle the toughest of applications including materials of up to 965 Mpa (140 KSI) yield strength.

MPS Series

The MPS Series of power straighteners is designed to provide the straightening capabilities required for light to medium stamping applications. This series is typically matched with our Series RF-2.5 and RF-3 servo roll feeds. Systems are typically set up to pull material off from 1,500lb. - 20,000lb. coil reels. The straighteners include precision ground side plates and tie-bars. The straightener can include (7, 9 or 11) straightening rolls, depending on the application. The straighteners include independent adjustment of the upper straightening rolls with true tonnage adjustment. This design allows up to 1.00” of roll penetration past tangent for greater flatness capabilities and an AC variable speed direct drive which makes this series of straighteners a great value in the market.

Model Thickness Model Thickness Model Thickness
MPS-150-06 0.100 MPS-250-12 0.187 MPS-350-12 0.210
MPS-150-12 0.075 MPS-250-18 0.162 MPS-350-18 0.185
MPS-150-18 0.050 MPS-250-24 0.137 MPS-350-24 0.160
MPS-150-24 0.025 MPS-250-30 0.112 MPS-350-30 0.135
    MPS-250-36 0.087 MPS-350-36 0.110
        MPS-350-42 0.085
Thumbnail image High-torque, AC variable frequency drives. Motor and reducer are direct drive to lower entrance pinch roll.
Thumbnail image High-torque jacks used for straightener roll adjustment provide superior alignment and reduced operator effort (5:1 ratio). All rolls are individually adjusted. True Tonnage at each straightening roll.
Thumbnail image All pinch and lower straightener rolls driven through a precision gear train. Roller bearings are sized to exceed specified loads, and rotating and striking surfaces are flame hardened (RC 58-62).


HDPS Series

The HDPS series is a Feed Lease original. This series of straightener has been built by Feed Lease Corp for over 4 decades. This proven design is based on an extremely rugged foundation. These straighteners can be used in large variety of applications including conventional systems, cradle lines, as well as a standalone parts straightener. The HDPS series begins with straighteners having 3.00" diameter straightening rolls and leads up to our master straightener having 8.00" diameter rolls! They are well suited for light, medium and heavy gauge material. These units can handle the very highest strength materials!


  • Precision ground side plates.
  • Wide face machined gear sets
  • All idler Gears out board supported
  • Entry and exit pinch rolls
  • True tonnage applied to straightening rolls
  • Multiple Roll configurations available (from 5 to 17 Rolls)
  • Horsepower is calculated to match the application

Whether you are pulling from slack material or pulling off of a 60,000 Lb. coil, many optional features are available to maximize efficiency. When your application is demanding and requires a straightener that can do the job, and last for years, the Feed Lease HDPS series is your solution.

HDPS Series can handle wide, High strength and heavy gauge materials. System shown with (9) rolls and motorized straightener roll adjustment.

HDPS series powered straightener with 6.50" diameter straightener rolls. Capable of processing .625 thick High strength material.

Straightener Options

  Thumbnail image Heavy-Duty Peeler/Threader/Hold-Down Arm   Thumbnail image Motorized edge guides
  Thumbnail image Secondary lead edge threader/debender.    laser_thumb Laser Loop Control
  Thumbnail image Outboard Bearing Support   Thumbnail image Exit Thread Table - Side Gate Style
  Thumbnail image Automatic Lubrication System   Thumbnail image Exit Thread Table - Scissor-Lift Style
  Thumbnail image Motorized Adjustment of Upper Straightener Rolls - can be automatically adjusted based on recipe   Thumbnail image Tie Plate - Squares Reel to Powered Straightener
  Thumbnail image Electronic Digital Roll Position Readout   Thumbnail image Hand-crank Adjusted Vertical Edge Guides



"There has got to be a better way!" This exclamation is sure to have been heard over and over again in many a stamping plant. Why the frustration? Because trying to clean metal chips, paint, etc. from the rolls of a conventional powered straightener is a slow and cumbersome project that chews away at productions uptime. "There has got to be a better way!" Well, now there is. Feed Lease now offers a pivoting straightener head opening for quick and effective straightener roll cleaning. Pivoting the head open with the upper rolls lifting in a way similar to that of the opening of an alligator’s mouth, these "Alligator" head straighteners provide a vastly improved way of cleaning the rolls of a powered straightener.

The "Safe" mode ensures operator safety during opening/closing, jog, and cleaning. Hydraulic cylinders provide power and control for open/close.